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MEO Class I

Structured classes for MEO Class 1 written & Oral is provided. Focused framework of the trending pattern and questions based on respective MMD and Surveyors.

MEO Class II

For MEO Class 2 Written functions we deal with is Naval Architecture & Electrical. The solved Q & A set since January 2018 is available on Our E- Learning App. All the Oral functions classes are provided with focused approach. Our Individual attention to each & every candidate gives us the average passing rate of 90% per month.

MEO Class IV

Classes for All the Oral Functions for MEO Class 4 is provided. Not only the idea to pass but to develop a potential of understanding and knowledge with ability to deliver the answers confidently.

ETO Course

We are the pioneer of the ETO COC classes. We have been teaching in ETO since 2015. We deliver highest passing rate in ETO. We are proud to share more than 2500 ETO CoC across India from various MMD’s.